Welcome to White Plains, NY

Welcome to a city that is known for its charm and hospitality. White Plains, NY has been a cultural center since the 1600s. The opening of the first railroad in 1841 allowed White Plains to grow as an industrial town, with major companies such as General Electric and IBM being founded here. Today, White Plains continues to thrive as a modern metropolis that offers diversity, innovation, and opportunity. Learn more here.

White Plains, NY, is the third-largest city in New York. White Plains has a population of nearly 70,000, and an estimated 50% live below the poverty line. The median income for families living in this area is $48K per year and yet struggles to provide access to healthcare for its residents. The city is home to a major medical center and several other hospitals, but most residents rely on community health centers for their care. There are nine community health centers in White Plains, six of which offer dental services. While these centers provide much-needed care for residents, they are often unable to meet the population’s needs. Also, Welcome to White Plains, NY. Learn more about A Walk Through Hartsdale, NY: A Short and Sweet Travel Guide.

 Here is a list of things you can do in White Plains, NY:

  • Visit the shops downtown.
  • Have dinner at one of White Plains’s many great restaurants.
  • Visit Westchester County to see its famous mansions and gardens.